Get High

If you want to get high before flying out of the city of Denver, there are certain things that you should be aware of. By itself, flying on an airplane tends to scare some people and make them anxious. Getting high is one to counteract this and help passengers to handle the anxiety and scare. However, you don’t want to risk being in legal jeopardy or have your weed confiscated or even be charged with a misdemeanor or fine. So, you wouldn’t want to carry the weed that you have purchased in your luggage or on your person. Instead, it would be better to consume it and carry it in your brain. So to get high would be the ideal option.

Things to Consider

Prior to going to the airport in the city of Denver, let’s look at some things that you need to think about. If you are not properly prepared and choose to smoke weed while you are on your way to the Denver airport as you get high and if you are a good distance from the airport, you will only be high for just a few hours. This is not going to help your anxiety when you are actually on the airplane. You might get high on the way, but soon the high will wear off, if your trip to the airport is more than two hours away. And you also don’t want to get high so much that you are unable to carry out the basic actions required to do your check in.

Be Prepared

So, have your credit or debit card in hand along with your Identification card. Make sure you memorize the procedure as it relates to baggage check. If you have to use the kiosk outside of the airport, by all means do so instead of putting yourself in a position where you have to interact with a customer service agent and have them smell weed on you. Make sure that you wear a jacket, belt and shoes that are easy to remove when you get to the TSA area. You don’t want to attract any attention to yourself as someone who is high. Follow all the procedures to a T.

The Cannabis Strain

If you want to stay high upon flight take off, consider the kind of cannabis strain you consume. In an ideal situation, cannabis edibles would be best instead of a small joint. The type of strain is also important as some strains have more THC than others. If you are an experienced smoker, you might have a better idea of which one to choose, but you could ask your budtender to help with making the right choice.

Cannabis Edibles

As indicated, cannabis edibles should be the first choice, especially if you want to get high while you are on the airplane. Cannabis edibles will take up to an hour or an hour and a half to get into your blood stream. If you are not certain about the dose that you should consume, you could also ask your local budtender. In case, you are unaware, if you consume too much of the cannabis edibles that has a high level of THC, you may suffer paranoia and that would not be good for you while you are on a flight. If you ever feel overly high, you can wash your face with cold water or take a quick walk through the terminal. You could also listen to music that will keep you calm.

If you want to get high before flying out of the Denver airport, you can also go on marijuana tours where cannabis can be consumed.




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