One ingredient in coconut oil can actually poison cancer cells

One study discovered that lauric acid was able to kill nearly 100% (93% in particular) of cancer cells in humans after two days of treatment. And around half of coconut oil contains lauric acid! The lauric acid was found to poison the cancer cells by creating an extraordinary amount of oxidative stress while also decreasing the cancer cells levels of glutathione. This is what cancer cells use to safeguard themselves against oxidative stress.

Coconut oil is already a well-established treatment for many other conditions

Researchers are only recently finding out how coconut oil can be used to effectively and safely fight cancer. However, its health benefits for other conditions has been known among the medical community for a long time. It is often used to naturally kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Furthermore, it assists your liver metabolism and digestion as well as decreasing inflammation and enhancing the health of your skin. People with diabetes can also use it to improve their condition.

More clinical trials are being done with coconut oil to discover more about it

The trials of coconut oil are being done to find out if it can have positive effects on people with heart disease, cholesterol problems, Alzheimer’s, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The main ingredient that makes coconut oil so effective is the lauric acid, and that takes up 50% of the substance! It is a medium-chain triglyceride that is usually very difficult to get through your diet as it is only contained in other foods in very low percentages.

This research shows there are things in nature that can fight against diseases

While there are still more studies to be done surrounding coconut oil and its benefits to fight cancer, the current conclusions are overwhelmingly positive. It proves that there are more natural methods of curing diseases than previously thought and it has spurred on more experts to research more into Mother Nature. It has opened up the doors for more medical options other than pharmaceutical drugs.



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