The implementation of the FDA and CDC’s “Opioid Prescribing Guidelines” is turned this country’s failed ‘war on drugs’ into a ‘war on pain patients’. We have been closely monitored, drug tested and interrogated on the regular for years and even after successful progress, consistent results, and unwaivering dedication to follow all the rules, we are being cut back and often times cut off all pain medications that make daily life liveable.  Since these changes, many of us have died due to complications and suicide simply because our doctors have been terrorized to death by legislators who have no medical training and no business making medical decisions.  In addition, these guidelines were made as guidelines for primary care physicians and not for pain management specialists who treat chronic pain patients but it has turned into an out of control beast that has far over reached into all realms of medical practice.  These guidelines were also based on facts and numbers that were biased and incomplete.  These issues and more have been repeatedly brought to the attention of law makers by the American Academy of Pain Medicine as well as other nationally known pain advocacy groups but to no avail. (See site for AAPM and their letter regarding these guidelines written January 2016)We cannot live in this constant state of pain which affects not only us as patients but our families and neighbors.  The only numbers that will change on this current path is an increase in suicides and an increase in heroin overdose deaths.  Thank you for reading this and taking the time to compassionately consider our plight.

To President Trump and members of Congress:
We, the Chronic Pain Community, would greatly appreciate your time and careful consideration in this matter. As is explained in the petition, several nationally recognized medical boards have consistently tried getting through to the prior administration and lawmakers regarding these very significant issues with the ‘Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing’ and how the information and determinations for the final draft and subsequent publication were attained and reviewed. Again many thanks for taking time to compassionately consider the plight of millions of Americans and what we needlessly suffer due to these guidelines and policies.


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