Fibromyalgia Medication Is Killing Million Sufferers Lyrica Fibromyalgia Medication said to be hundred times more powerful than heroin has caused more than fourty overdoses and at least ten deaths within twelve days span in the Sacramento, CA. Health officials are warning people about this Fibromyalgia medication.Natasha Butler says her who was 28-year-old son Jerome recently died after buying the Fibromyalgia Medication from one person.

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follow url “It cause failure of his organs.This Fibromyalgia medication cause failure of his kidneys. It cause failure of his liver. His brain was bloated. The doctor said he said there was not anything he could do for him. From one pill,” Butler said.According to DEA agent John Martin, the medication is being smuggled into united states from China and Mexico. “We believe it is made in China, it is being spread to Mexico, it is brought up through the normal drug smuggling routes of the southwest border,” Martin said.The Fibromyalgia medication is also being mixed with heroin to increase its potency and it is also oftenly sold as heroin, whose users are the most at risk for dying from the medication.

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